Dark Wizard

Dark Wizard

Dark Wizards study the mystical arts, crafting the elements of nature into powerful spells such as Fireballs, Aquabeams, and even Ice Storms.
They have the highest Energy of all the character classes.

Points Per LevelStarting StrengthStarting AgilityStarting VitalityStarting EnergyLife / HP
ManaAGSDLife Per LevelMana Per LevelSD Per Level


Fire Ball
Even novice Dark Wizard can master this simple technique easily.
By shooting a huge tongue of fire, it gives a massive damage to enemies.
Power Wave
It shoots a wave of force towards the enemy.
Power Wave digs under the ground and moves toward the enemy to deal moderate damage.
Lightning spell that can knock enemies back.
The Teleport spell allows the caster to relocate himself anywhere within the screen.
They use can use the spell to evade attacks or use it to position for a better attack.
This spell summons a meteorite from the heavens to smite opponents.
The Ice spell has a chance of chilling enemies, slowing down their movement and the speed of their attack.
The Poison spell conjures poisonous vines that sprout from the ground near target's feet that may slow and poison the target. Poisoned enemies will slowly lose life over time until the poison wears off or is cured.
The Flame spell summons a pillar of flame which causes continuous damage on all creatures it touches.
The Twister spell allows the caster to conjure small cyclones that can confuse the enemy whenthey are struck by it.
Evil Spirits
This spell summons spirits to fight on the side of the Sorcerer.
This damages all opponents within the sorcerer's line of sight.
Wizards can conjure hellfire that springs up from the ground and hits multiple targets around him.
This spell conjures a beam of concentrated elemental water that penetrates through multiple opponents.