Season 17

Season17 Part2-2 4th Guardian & Cantur Underground Facility Elite Zone

A. 4th Guardian – Shining Tail
1. Introduction
  1) The 4th Guardian 'Shining Tail' is added.
    (1) The 4th guardian 'Shining Tail' and 'Shining Tail (rare)' will be added.
    ① Shining Tail (rare) can be obtained with a low probability as a Guardian with the same stats as Shining Tail but a different color  .
    (2) The 4th Guardian is an inventory mounted mount item.
    (3) The 4th Guardian can be obtained through the 3rd Guardian Upgrade Combination.
Shining Tail Shining Tail (rare)
Lv.1100 Lv.1100
2. Obtain the 4th Guardian
  1) Guardian Upgrade Combination
    (1) Guardian upgrade combination can be done through NPC Laurencia (122,110) 'Teaner'.
    (2) Upgrade combinations are possible from +11 level of the previous guardian,  and the combination probability varies depending on the level.
    (3) As a combination material item, it can be upgraded using the 'Shining Tail Seal' item and a jewel item.
    (4) If the combination fails, the lood shop materials and gem materials disappear, and  the guardian used as the basic material drops to level +0.
    (5) When the upgrade combination is successful, the guardian's general options and elite resistance options are randomly re-applied.
    (6) When upgrading a guardian with 3 general options, it  will be randomly re-granted with at least 2 options.
        However, the elite resistance option is unconditionally re-granted at random.
    * There is a low probability of obtaining a 'Shining Tail (rare)' item when combining upgrades.
Combination type basic material roodshop material jewelry material Combination Probability Combination result
4th Guardian
(Shining Tail)
+15 Enhanced
3 Chagarian
Shining Tail's
Jewel of Blessing 20 Jewel of
Soul 20 Jewel of
Chaos 1 Jewel of
100% +0 Enhanced
4 Chagadian
[Shining Tail
Shining Tail
+14 Enhanced
3 Chagarian
+13 Enhanced
3 Chagadian
+12 Reinforcement
3 Chagarian
+11 Enhanced
3 Chagarian
Shining Tail's Seal
Sales NPC Priest James
Elbeland (32. 239)
roodshop selling price 50,000 Rud
3. 4th Guardian Option
  1) Basic option
    (1) The 4th guardian in the form of a vehicle has the following basic options.
default option
movement speed increase
Attack speed increase + 7
Defense + 228
  2) Guardian option
    (1) Guardians have normal options and elite monster resistance options.
    [General option]
    - You can have a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 options.
    - The option value increases according to the guardian's enhancement level.
general option
Attribute attack increase + 177
Attribute defense increase + 177
(Up to level 1100) Increases defense by 4.0 per level 20
(Up to 1100 level) Increases ATK/Magic/Low Power by 4.0 per level 20
    [Elite Monster Resistance Option]
    - You can have 1 type of option out of 1~5 types.
    - This option resists the abilities of elite monsters located in the elite zone.
    - The option value increases according to the guardian's enhancement level.
Elite Monster Resistance Options
Type 1 (Fire) Bleeding Damage Resistance Attack reduction resistance
Type 2 (Water) poison damage resistance Attack reduction resistance
Type 3 (ground) Bleeding Damage Resistance Attack speed reduction resistance
4 types (wind) poison damage resistance defense reduction resistance
Type 5 (Dark) Bleeding Damage Resistance defense reduction resistance
4. Guardian Decomposition
  1) When disassembling a guardian item, you can obtain 'Guardian Enhancement Stone'.
    (1) You can disassemble the Guardian item you have in your inventory by using the 'Disassemble' function after you unequip it.
B. Cantur underground facility elite zone
1. Cantur underground facility elite zone has been opened.
  1) Elite Zone
    (1) At the entrance to the elite zone hunting ground in the map of the Cantur underground facility,  an 'Elite Zone flag' symbolizing the elite zone is erected.
(2) Elite monsters appear in the     elite zone of the Kantur underground facility  .
    (3) Elite monsters have 'Elite debuff options' and 'Elite skills',
        When a character receives damage from an elite monster, there is a 100% chance that the  'Elite Debuff' will be applied and the character will take damage.
    [Location of the elite zone of the Cantur underground facility]
property coordinate
fire 40, 38
water 18, 215
earth 124, 10
wind 225, 212
dark 235, 11
  2) Elite Monster
    (1) Elite monsters have the same immunity treatment as boss monsters, such as Nemesis.
    (2) Monsters placed for each attribute can apply debuff effects to the character through all attacks.
    (3) The debuff effect of elite monsters can be reduced by using the Guardian's Elite Monster Resistance option.
Monster classification Debuff effect a character receives from elite monsters
Fire Elite Monster bleeding effect
Attack reduction effect
Water attribute elite monster poison effect
Attack reduction effect
Earth elemental elite monster bleeding effect
Attack speed reduction effect
Wind attribute elite monster poison effect
Defense reduction effect
Elite Dark Attribute Monster bleeding effect
Defense reduction effect
  3) Drop items from elite monsters
    (1) Elite monsters are provided with items that only drop elite monsters in addition to common drop items in the hunting ground.
    (2) Some items dropped from elite monsters have a maximum drop limit per week,
        The number of drop limits is reset on a weekly basis.
[Elite Monster Drop Item]
drop item Item Description
Elite Option Change Piece

When you acquire 50 Elite Option Change Pieces,
an Elite Option Change Stone that allows you to change the Guardian's Elite Options is created.

sealed defense structure If you acquire 50 Sealed Defense Rescue Items, you
can craft 1 Scratched Blood Angel Armor part. Scratched Blood Angel Armor can be crafted according to the success probability

without the 'Blood Angel Soul' item, and upon successful crafting, you can obtain +13 level Blood Angel Armor. [1 part used as a combination material / class random]

golden coat of arms This is a material for making the 4th wing (cloak) item.
Elite Guardian Enhancement Stone This is a reinforcement stone required to enhance guardian items of level 11 or higher.
jewel of harmony This is a gem that can grant certain options to items of level 9 or higher.
  4) Cantur underground facility elite zone monster
    (1) Underground Persona (Elite)
name Underground Persona (Elite)
level 620
Explanation An elite monster that uses whirlwind and evil spirit skills.
    (2) Underground Twin Tail (Elite)
name Underground Twin Tail (Elite)
level 620
Explanation It is an elite monster that can attack distant targets by swinging a long spear
    (3) Jihadred Pier (Elite)
name Jihadred Pier (Elite)
level 620
Explanation This is an elite monster that uses two close-range slash attacks.