Loot Table

Mini Games

Depending on the level of the Monster Soul Converter obtained by visiting Elbland James (Ruud) Shop you can choose from the following:

Ruud: 500 ~ 3000
Jewels: Up to 20 Jewel of Bless, Jewel of Soul, Jewel of Life, Jewel of Harmony, Jewel of Creation, Jewel of Chaos
Bless of Light: Up to 5 Bless of Light
Accessory: Excellent Ring, Excellent Necklace, Rage Earring (Left) or (Right), Three Vacancies

Lower Box: Ruud 150-300
Intermediate Box: Ruud 300-450
Senior Box: Ruud 450-1125

Lower Box: (1) Jewel of Bless/Soul/Life/Creation/Chaos x1 or 75-150 Ruud
Intermediate Box: (1) Jewel of Bless/Soul/Life/Creation/Chaos x3 or 15-300 Ruud
Advanced Box: (1) Jewel of Bless/Soul/Life/Creation/Chaos x5 or 300-450 Ruud
Premium Box: (1) Jewel of Bless/Soul/Life/Creation/Chaos x7 or 450-750 Ruud

Lower Box: Ruud 75-150
Medium Box: Ruud 150-300
Higher Box: Ruud 300-450
Luxury Box: Ruud 450-800

Minor: (1) Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Life/Creation x2 or 300-500 Ruud
Standard: (1) Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Life/Creation x3 or 600-800 Ruud
Greater: (1) Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Life/Creation x5 or 900-1100 Ruud
Luxurious: (1) Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Life/Creation x7 or 1200-1400 Ruud
Magnificent: (1) Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Life/Creation x9 or 1500-1700 Ruud
Legendary: (1) Jewel of Chaos/Bless/Soul/Life/Creation x10, Ancient Item for Ancient Hero Soul Creation or 2000-4000 Ruud

Lower Roomy Box: 75-225 Ruud
Medium Roomy Box: 225-375 Ruud
High Roomy Box: 375-750 Ruud

Ruud Box (100) or Ruud Box(Lucky)