Gray Aida

Gray Aida

A. Introduction

1. Gray Aida

1) Background Story

(1) A dimensional rift and an area where dark magic is still active was discovered in Aida, where forbidden magic was used.

(2) Flora and fauna within the newly discovered area were either black or white due to the forbidden magic.

People started to call this area 'Gray Aida' and to remove the dark magic within, warriors from the MU Continent started to explore the area, little by little.

2)    Map Info

Map NameHow to move to mapEntry LevelFarming Penalty Level
Gray Aida

1. [Movement Command Window]

Consume 50,000 Zen

to move to map.

2. [Go on foot]

Aida (120, 113) 

You can walk through the entrance 

to move to map.


(1) Gray Aida is an Elemental Hunting Ground

where monsters with certain elements appear.

(2) Monsters have Excellent DMG Rate Resistance, Crit DMG Rate Resistance,

DMG Absorption, and Debuff Rate Resistance. 

(3) There is a Safe Zone in the map, 

and if the connection is terminated or the character dies, the character will be moved to the safe zone.

3) Main Dropped Items

(1) Excellent Manticore Armor

(2) Excellent Socket Necklace

4) Main Hunting Ground Location (Main)


5) Gray Aida Monster

(1) Gray Death Tree

NameGray Death Tree

A Grey Death Tree monster with melee attacks.


(2) Gray Forest Orc

NameGray Forest Orc

A Grey Forest Orc monster with melee attacks.



(3) Gray Death Rider

NameGray Death Rider

A Grey Death Rider monster with melee attacks.


(4) Gray Witch Queen

NameGray Witch Queen

A Gray Witch Queen monster with ranged AOE attacks.

(Absorbs 150 MP when attacking.)